Scriptwriter/Production Manager

Gilbert Ramy Carrey

Gilbert was born on the 15th of January, 2000. As a child, Gilbert started speaking at 10 months which was unusual for a child of that age. Guess that was because he was born to tell stories. He took an interest in news and was mostly seen between 5am and 6am at the hall, listening to BBC on television.

At the age of 3, Gilbert started exhibiting his creative nature by telling and writing stories. At that time, he did not know how to draw so his big brother, who was very good with drawing, would usually draw the characters to match his story. During break time in school, their mates and other school children, would pay them some money to read the story. This continued until their mother was called by the school authorities because her children were trading in the school which was illegal.

Then he diverted his attention to watching cartoons and movies. The amazing thing here was that, after a movie or cartoon series ended, Gilbert was fast to continue the movie in his own way and give different situations that could have happened in the movie. This was when he was around 4 years. He was always telling stories and always exaggerating real life situations that happened.

Although he was doing all this, it wasn’t until he was 9 years old when he started writing his first novel (which is unpublished) that his mother realised that Gilbert had that creative gem in him. By the age of 11, he had written 5 movie stories, 6 comic series, and a novel. Fast forward to age 22, Gilbert has over 500 works, comprising novels, poems, comics, series and movies. It is worth noting that, while all this is going on, Gilbert excels in school as well and his best subjects were biology and computer science.

Gilbert started his education at One Love Nursery School in Tema and continued at Tema Parents Association School. He later moved to Angels Specialist School for class 4 to JHS 2. He finally went to Tema International School for his ICGSE and IB education. He is currently a level 300 student at NAFTI, studying Film Directing.

In 2016 Gilbert and his mother set up GRC Concepts, a media organization to help in producing and promoting his works. Gilbert aims to drive GRC Concepts to the apex of entertainment and media production globally.


  • Adventures In Pencilvania: The Wallet Gang (Comic Book)
  • The Slave King (Movie)
  • Coffee Shop (Serial)

 In Progress

  • Kidnapped: A Written Audio Log (Novel)
  • I dream of Freedom (Movie)
  • Locked In (Movie)
  • Musketeers (Series)
  • To Jacqueline: A Story In Poetry (Poetry Anthology)
  • Adventures in Pencilvania Book 2 (Comic)
  • Cope (Movie)
  • Book of Titus (Novel)